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A New Start
for those seeking support through recovery, begins here!

Living Life On Your Own Terms.

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How it Works

What It Is and How It Works

IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program.  Patients will live at home but undergo several hours of intense on-site treatment at a rehab facility.  

IOP involves regular scheduled meetings with different professionals like therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. 


No one will be denied access to services due to an inability to pay. A sliding fee scale is available based on family size and income.

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Why IOP?

IOP allows our patients to:

  • Develop and enhance skills to lead a substance free life.

  • Transition to outpatient services for those coming from a higher level of care.

  • Build a recovery resilience.

  • Integrate into 12 step recovery and other peer support groups.

  • Address family issues.

  • Better understand relapse and learn to integrate in the process before returning to active addiction.

  • Address special needs based on age or life situation.

Why IPO?---

Benefits of IOP

  • Lower costs because the patient stays at home instead of at a rehab center.

  • Flexible schedule so that the patient can continue working or attending school.

  • Patients can combine other therapy programs with IOP.

  • Safe environment to create a safe space to address your recovery issues.

  • You are not alone.  Your New Start Community helps you redefine your recovery goals.

Benefits of IOP

  • Family participation is mandatory which helps the recovery process.

  • Insurance covers most cost with this level of care.

  • In house referrals to both medical and psychiatric treatment

  • Great follow up to medical detoxification. (Note: New Start IOP does not offer medical detoxification).


Our team consists of psychiatrists, addictionologists,
licensed addictions counselors, and medical nurses.

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New Start IOP

10512 S. Glenstone Place   Ste. 101

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